Palm Vein Reader


Palm Vein Technology

Palm Vein technology is highly secure and prevent unauthorized access. This is very accurate technology because in Vein Identification the image recognition and optical technology are used to scan vein pattern of the palm, fingers, and back of the palm.

Biometric Door Lock


Anti Theft Systems

Your fingerprint is the key with the revolutionary Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock. This amazing new product replaces keyed locking mechanisms with a fingerprint sensor that actually recognizes who is and who is not authorized to enter. Suitable for home or office use, our Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock offers unique features that improve your personal security .

Worker Attendance


Worker Attendance using Biometric

Browser-based system uses fingerprints or hand size to log in employees and manage time records.

BioLink FingerPass


Biometric terminal BioLink FingerPass

The terminal is a proper choice for time attendance in large-scale enterprises (hotels and business centers, manufacturing facilities, commercial premises and warehouses) with no need for access control. It also suits small- and middle-sized companies intending to have their work time managed but unwilling to overpay extra functions.